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The Perfect Gift For That Special Someone In Your Life.

Gifting OjO Electric Scooter

How Can You OjO? There are many exciting ways to travel and things to see while riding your OjO. Here are a few fun things you can do and why the OjO makes the perfect gift for that special someone in your life!

Go On Dates

Feel the true sensation of thrill on your next date with your OjO. Providing over 25 miles of range, you’ll be able to have quite the adventurous date and explore the city together. <3

Explore Vacation Cities

The OjO Scooter’s compact and lightweight design allows you to load them up in the back of your SUV, RV, Truck, or large car. And, no need to bring a charger. The OjO comes with a patented onboard charging cord so you can juice up using any standard 110V outlet.

Run Your Errands

Whether you’re going to get your haircut, or dropping off a package at the post office, your OjO is the perfect lightweight electric vehicle to tote around town (at no cost to you!). Never worry about parking, sitting in traffic, paying for gas, or even getting a parking ticket while doing errands again.

Go To Sporting Events

Become the ultimate tailgater with OjO’s BlueTooth speakers and zip onto any sporting event at 20 mph with the OjO Scooter. You can even purchase a basket to carry your tailgating gear.

Transform Your Work Commute

We consider the OjO Commuter Scooter to be the best commuting vehicle ever invented—comfortable, little/no maintenance, and super high-tech so you get all the amenities of a typical car. You can take the OjO on buses or metro rails with ease, or just skip transit all together and take bike lanes all the way to work.

Join The OjO Revolution

The OjO Commuter Scooter is the smartest electric scooter on the market and we’re able to provide it at a price that’s cheaper than most other serious electric scooters. We’ve only touched the surface of what you can do with your OjO Scooter. How will your OjO transform your life?

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