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OjO Scooter: The Perfect “Last Mile” and Beyond Solution

OjO Electric Scooter for Adult

When OjO Electric set out to build the OjO Scooter, it did so with a groundbreaking vision: what if you could be comfortable with an electric scooter as an everyday commuter? This means having versatility, range, speed, and lastly perfect ergonomic design. The OjO Scooter is the only one of its kind that perfectly marries all of these brilliant design features in one. We’re finally confident that there is such thing as an everyday commuter scooter.

No More “Last-Mile” Scooters

Often, commuters will use a toy-like scooter or a folding bike in an effort to get from their last transit stop to their final destination. However, these are super uncomfortable, and while they may do the trick for a short amount of time, you may also be limited by speed and longevity of use. We’ve seen many people go to unfold their scooters or bikes and parts fall off—ultimately converting the would-be rider into a scooter/bike hauler. You deserve better. You deserve to have a light electric vehicle (LEV) that will see you all the way through your commute. Forget the emissions, forget the folding and unfolding, forget the wait at the transit stops. Your commute just got easier.

The Ultimate Commuter Scooter

The OjO Scooter goes a remarkable 25 miles on one charge with a top speed of 20 miles per hour (allowing you full access to bike lanes). This versatility means that you no longer have to wait at transit stops to take care of the majority of your trip; you can simply rely on the OjO electric scooter to take you from point A to B to C to D…to Z. You now have ultimate flexibility while also being the environment’s best friend. When you choose to ride your OjO Scooter, no matter the occasion, you’re helping the environment.

The Seriously Smart Scooter

With an anti-theft key FAB, you’re able to go from destination to destination without having to lug around a scooter everywhere you go. This allows you to travel light and not worry about accidentally leaving a scooter behind somewhere else. Feel confident leaving your scooter locked outside with the anti-theft key FAB.

The touchable, interactive all weather-proof screen on the OjO Scooter allows you to choose your ride and personalize your experience among three different ride modes: eco, touring and sport. You can control miles per hour, odometer, time your ride, average speed and the amazing BlueTooth speakers with the touch of a finger. No more worrying about which type of scooter to buy; with the OjO Scooter, you have the ability to choose which type of scooter you want for every single ride.

Join The OjO Revolution

Buy the OjO scooter today direct from our website, or on our preferred retailers like Amazon, BestBuy or Newegg. We welcome you to the revolution with open arms and look forward to the many great stories and adventures we’ll build together. Share your adventures with us on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter!

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