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A sharable ‘sit-down’ electric scooter company is launching in Texas

Already home to thousands of electric scooters, many of them crowding downtown sidewalks, the Central Texas city will be the first to experience a new generation of shareable electric scooters from an Oxnard, Calif.-based company called Ojo Electric (pronounced oh-Joe). Unlike well-known scooter companies such as Bird and Lime, Ojo’s models are bulkier and include a seat.

Sit-down electric scooters capable of hitting 20mph coming to Austin

Soon, you’ll likely see people scooting around town a little bit differently. By the end of the month, OjO Electric, a California-based scooter company, plans to launch 100 of the first ever ride-share scooters with seats. “I say it’s like an E-bike and a Vespa got together and had a baby,” said Elliott McFadden, executive director of Bike Share of Austin, the parent company of Austin Commuter Scooter.

The OjO Electric scooter is a total joy ride

Electric scooters are basically a dime a dozen these days. But few companies have been able to scoop up all the things that people like about them — solid range, fun to ride, smart features — and put them all together in a well-built package like California company Ojo Electric.

Sit-down scooter rental program to debut in Austin

Another dockless scooter company plans to enter the market in Austin – but its users will get to sit down.

OjO Electric, LLC, a California-based company, is launching the first sit-down electric scooter rideshare in the capital. One hundred scooters are expected to hit city streets by Feb. 1 and grow to 250 later in the spring.

OjO says unlike other scooter companies operating in the city, it’s trying to be more deliberate.



OjO Electric to bring sit-down scooters to Austin

Austin will be the first launch market for the company’s new scooters, allowing those who take the scooters around town, a new way to travel.

The company said their new scooters will also have navigation, traffic alerts, construction zones, geo-fence approaches, speed reduction zone alerts and nearby docking location alerts that are all run through the on-board speakers. The speakers will also allow the rider to have the ability to play music through Bluetooth.

Sit or stand? New electric scooter share OjO to offer vespa-style e-scooters

I think that Vespa-style electric scooters with slightly higher speed limits are a great idea.

Wait, hold on. Put down the pitchforks and hear me out.

These types of vehicles use larger wheels and more stable frame geometries that more closely resemble bicycles and motorcycles, making them much safer to ride. Such vehicles are inherently stable when traveling at speed. Try taking your hands off a Bird scooter at 15 mph and see how that works out for you. Actually, don’t do that. Just trust me, it won’t end well. But do the same thing on a bicycle, motorcycle or vespa-style scooter and you’ll find that you don’t immediately eat pavement.

OjO joins electric scooter craze with a new sit-down vehicle

A new kind of dockless, rentable, electric scooter is making a debut in Austin, Texas. Instead of the typical stand-up vehicle people are used to, this one made by Ojo comes with a seat for riders to sit on. It’s also faster — going 20 mph, rather than the customary 15 mph.



OjO’s sit-down scooter-share service debuts in Austin, TX

While the OjO Scooters are a bit more expensive to ride than the traditional e-scooters from Bird, Lime or other providers that have dominated the market, consumers are getting what they pay for — a quicker ride, Bluetooth-enabled speakers and the ability to sit. 

That option to sit is what makes OjO unique, enabling the service to unlock a level of inclusivity in the scooter market. For some, standing and balancing on a traditional e-scooter can be uncomfortable or difficult, deterring potential riders. Standing can be tiresome on a long commute, hence why OjO dubbed its scooters “commute-focused,” for those who need to ride for long periods of time.

New sit-down, 20 mph electric scooters coming to Austin

Austinites will soon have yet another type of electric scooter to choose from as they commute around city streets, OjO has been approved by the city to bring 100 of its sit-down commuter-style scooters to Austin. 

Oxnard, California-based OjO announced Tuesday that it will bring its scooters to Austin in a partnership with Austin Commuter Scooter LLC., a subsidiary of Bike Share Austin, the operator of Austin B Cycle. ACS will oversee the deployment of this fleet of scooters in Texas which is set to happen Feb. 1. 


Sit-down scooter ride-share rolls out in Austin

Electric light vehicle company, OjO Electric, is providing a sit-down or stand up bike-share programme in partnership with Austin Commuter Scooter (ACS).

Built for the bike lane and streets, off sidewalks and away from pedestrians, the OjO scooter has a swappable 48-volt lithium ion battery that allows it to go 50 miles on a full charge. In addition, the patented HyperGear hub motor propels the OjO scooter to bike-lane-legal top speeds of 20mph.

OjO Vespa-inspired scooters to debut in Austin

Austin had a flurry of scooter activity (and discussion) in 2018, ending the year with seven active companies and more than 11,000 of the dockless vehicles on the streets. Lest anyone think we’re in danger of slowing down on that front this year: Ojo electric scooters will soon be flitting about the city, according to a Wednesday Community Impact story, making it the eighth scooter company at residents’s disposal.

The company chose the Austin market for its first launch and has been permitted for 100 scooters.

Unlike the stand-up, kick-style scooters the city has seen so far, Ojo‘s are modeled on the Vespa/moped style that can be seen in films from Roman Holiday to Quadrophenia or on pretty much any street in Italy.

Vespa-like vehicles zoom into Austin’s growing fleet of rentable electric scooters 

Vespa-esque in design, the Light Electric Vehicles hit speeds of 20 mph (to meet City of Austin regulations) and can run up to 50 miles on a single charge. According to a rep, the company expects to receive the first LEV fleet in the next two weeks and will begin to roll out the rental service beginning on or before February 1. 

Delightfully billed as “the adult commuter scooter,” would-be riders can reserve an LEV using the OjO app on iPhone and Android. To begin, the new fleet will be available in the Downtown Austin Project Coordination Zone, a box that runs from Oltorf Street to Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard and between Mopac and Chicon Street. 

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