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The OjO is designed to have little or no maintenance and servicing required. Although, we understand that unexpected situations can happen. Below you will find some tips for maintenance,  where and how to repair your OjO in the United States, as well as information on repairs and servicing outside of the United States.


There are a few key steps that you can take in order to keep your OjO running in tip top shape. The most important maintenance item is the brakes on the OjO. Similar to a bicycle, the OjO is equipped with Front and Rear mechanical disc brakes. The cable in the brakes can stretch over time and will need to be retightened when deemed appropriate. If you pull the front or rear brake lever and it comes within ½ inch of the handlebar grip, this is a good indication that it is time to adjust the brakes. Please follow the link below to the Youtube video showing how to properly adjust the brakes. Tire pressure is also an important maintenance item. Before every ride, make sure that the tire pressure on the scooter is near 25 PSI. When cleaning the OjO a quality automotive soap works best in removing dirt and grime. Avoid brushes and abrasive scrub pads as they may scratch the finish. We recommend a soft sponge or hand towel to clean the OjO. Below you will find a link to our library of repair/maintenance videos.



Repair US:

In the US we have some options for OjO repair if needed. If you purchased the OjO through one of our official OjO dealers, please contact the dealer for any repairs or warranty work that needs to be done. We also have a partnership with Velofix which is a mobile mechanic service. They will come to your home or work and service the scooter. To book an appointment with them, please visit www.velofix.com. If you wish to service the scooter yourself, you are able to order all spare parts through OjO directly. To do this, please email info@ojoelectric.com. In the email subject please enter the part(s) that you are in need of in the subject line and give us your full name and shipping address in the body of the email. After doing this you will hear back from an OjO representative shortly.


Repair International:

For international repair needs please contact the distributor which your OjO was purchased from and they will be able to perform all necessary service needs. If you purchased the OjO online and need servicing, please contact the website you purchased the scooter from and ask them where they recommend you get the OjO serviced. You can also access the above Youtube library in the maintenance section for self servicing reference. Spare parts will also be sold through the distributor for your region. If you have any questions about OjO servicing outside of the US, please contact pierre@ojoelectric.com


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