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OjO is changing rideshare for good. We provide safe, sustainable first and last mile mobility solutions in collaboration with local governments.

Our patented, custom-engineered scooter is built for bike lanes and streets, away from sidewalks and pedestrians, protecting public rights-of-way.

The zero emission, fully-electric OjO scooter has two swappable 48-volt lithium ion batteries that allow it to go up to 50 miles on a full charge at bike-lane-legal top speeds of 20 mph.

Integrated GPS technology allows for geo-fencing and automated speed throttling.


JAnuary 20, 2019

OjO Electric Signs Definitive Agreement to Acquire Gotcha

NOVEMBER 19, 2019

OjO Electric Announces Transformational Transaction to Acquire Gotcha Mobility

October 31, 2019

OjO debuts V2 model of e-scooter, purpose-built for rideshare and on-demand delivery services

October 28, 2019

OjO Electric expands rideshare programs in Austin and Dallas

October 24, 2019

OjO Electric launches rideshare program in Memphis

October 21, 2019

OjO Electric completes business combination and forms high-growth provider of safe, sustainable urban mobility solutions

July 19, 2019

Arcturus Ventures announces increase and full subscription of private placement

July 9, 2019

Arcturus Ventures proposes business combination with OjO Electric to create a high-growth provider of safe, sustainable urban mobility solutions

Capital Structure

  • TSX.V: OJO
  • C$34.0M (US$25.7M)
  • MARKET CAPitalization
  • 6.05M
  • C$0.50
  • 67.9M *
  • C$7.6M (US$5.7M) †
  • CASH

* Reflects total share count on a fully-converted basis. On the closing of OjO’s go-public transaction, due to certain US tax considerations, certain OjO securityholders acquired Multiple Voting Shares representing in the aggregate 80.02% of the outstanding voting rights of OjO as of such closing. The Multiple Voting Shares: (i) have 1,000 votes each; (ii) are convertible into Limited Voting Shares on a 1:1 basis in certain circumstances, including automatic conversion upon holders of Multiple Voting Shares collectively owning less than 20% of the outstanding OjO shares (calculated on a fully diluted and as-converted basis); (iii) do not entitle the holders to any greater economic interest per share than the Limited Voting Shares; (iv) do not entitle the holders to change the rights and restrictions attached to any class of shares of OjO without a vote of all shareholders with the Multiple Voting Shares having just one vote each; and (v) do not have any anti-dilution rights. OjO’s Limited Voting Shareholders have customary coattail rights.

†As of closing of OjO’s go-public transaction in Oct-2019.

Note: Chart uses USD-CAD exchange rate of 1.3231, the Bank of Canada rate published on Nov 15, 2019.

Upcoming Events

October 22, 2019

Investor Luncheon Toronto, ON

Location: WorkHaus
Address: 30 Wellington St. W. 5th Floor
Toronto, ON

October 25, 2019

Investor Luncheon Vancouver, BC

Location: Vancouver Club
Address: 915 W Hastings St,
Vancouver, BC V6C 1C6

Corporate Presentation

Download a PDF copy of our corporate presentation.


On-demand, electric, daily scooter rideshare program in Austin, Dallas, Memphis and expanding. Sign up below for OjO investor updates:
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