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How To Avoid Traffic: Alternative Transportation Options

The average urban commuter in the United States lost 41 hours to traffic delays caused by congestion in 2017, according to one study, and that’s only the average. Workers in 16 U.S. metro areas lost more time, topped by the Los Angeles area where commuters lost a whopping 102 hours.

While lost time has a cost, there’s also a cost in wasted fuel and lost productivity. There is, however, something benefits from all that commuting delay. Stress levels rise. So do blood pressure, cholesterol and risk of depression.  

One Economical Alternative

It’s no wonder that many commuters seek alternatives to fighting traffic congestion. Mass transit and carpooling are two popular choices, but each comes with its own set of issues. Options like the OjO® Electric Commuter Scooter are becoming more popular for making part or all of the daily trip to work and back.

The OjO scooter takes the commuter from the chaos of bumper-to-bumper traffic to the serenity of the bike path or dedicated lane. With a range of up to 25 miles on a charge and three speeds that top out at 20 mph, the commuter can quickly navigate lanes and trails where automobiles can’t go. A click of the “bicycling” icon in Google Maps® and other mapping programs delivers highlights trails, dedicated lanes and bicycle-friendly roads available in most metro areas.

Stress melts away as the rider smoothly navigates away from the congestion, breathing fresh air and observing the world away from the packed pavement of the Interstate highway. Operating the OjO uses a few more muscles than sitting behind the wheel of an automobile, but it’s a relaxed effort, helping the rider stay fresh and invigorated for the workday ahead. Besides, how many commuters can say their ride to work was fun?

The OjO is Packed with Features

The OjO adult commuter scooter’s 500-watt gear hub motor provides smooth acceleration and can power the fast electric scooter up grades as steep as 18 percent.  Disc brakes, heavy-duty shocks and large, all-weather tires make for a smooth, safe ride. Ride while standing on treaded, non-slip riding deck or use the removable seat for a more relaxed ride. Add an optional cargo basket to assist with up to 70 lbs. of laptop and other school or office necessities. Standard rear-view mirrors make it easy to monitor faster traffic from behind.

For commuters who are considering an alternative method of transportation such as an electric moped for adults, an electric scooter bike for adults or a folding electric scooter, the OjO is a perfect choice. The rugged aluminum frame and wing-shape body come in a variety of styles and colors, including some two-toned vintage models that are a throwback to days when traffic congestion wasn’t as severe.

All are equipped with a non-glare interactive display that provides speed, range and other information, electronic key fob and Bluetooth®-enabled speakers that broadcast the your favorite sounds. An onboard charger with retractable 110-volt plug makes it easy to recharge wherever an outlet is available, and an optional extra battery doubles the range. An onboard security system helps protect the scooter when parked, but an ordinary bicycle lock can be used as well.

The Whole Commute, or Only Part

While the OjO adult commuter scooter is an excellent choice for commutes that are too far to walk and too close for a car, it provides an alternative for those without bike paths or lanes available for the whole trip. Take advantage of reduced parking costs farther from work, and use the OjO scooter for only a portion of the trip. If you carpool with others or take public transit,  use the OjO for transportation to meet-up points or transit stations to gain the benefits of the electric commuter scooter for at least a portion of the trip. When the workweek concludes, the OjO is great for getting around festivals, campgrounds or other weekend activities, too.


The Savings Accumulate Quickly

At $1,999 to $2,399, the OjO is economically priced, but that’s only the start of the savings. There’s zero cost for gasoline and a full recharge is available wherever a 110-volt outlet is accessible. License plates and insurance are not necessary, resulting in additional savings. The OjO can save parking costs, too. And, the savings include helping save the planet, since the OjO is an emission-free vehicle.


Cliff Abbott is a 35-year transportation industry veteran and journalist. He has hundreds of published articles to his credit, along with over a hundred musical compositions and one book.


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One comment on “How To Avoid Traffic: Alternative Transportation Options

  1. Sara Wilson says:

    I’m just back from a trip from a trip to Santa Monica and electric scooters are everywhere out there. They are a great way to get around, great for avoiding traffic and great for the environment.

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