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First Mile-Last Mile Problem

One of the shortcomings of public transportation is the “first mile-last mile” problem. In short, first mile-last mile represents the first and last parts of a commute.

Overcoming First Mile-Last Mile

As an alternative transportation solution, the OjO® Electric Scooter can overcome the first mile-last mile problem prevalent in the United States, where public transportation infrastructure lags behind that of most other developed countries in the world. The light electric vehicle category is an extremely fast-growing field, and the OjO® Electric Scooter delivers the perfect solution for the first mile-last mile problem.

Avoiding Urban Gridlock

Many U.S. regional transportation districts tare incorporating new ideas and strategies to streamline gridlock and find ways to get a larger percentage of commuters to ride public transportation. One way that municipalities are handling this situation is by taking advantage of existing bike paths and lanes that have become prevalent in urban settings. OjO®’s Electric Scooters are a great fit in municipal bike lanes.

In addition, the first mile-last mile problem is not limited to cities; it also affects suburban dwellers. In many suburban locales, walking access to a public transportation hub (namely bus or railroad stations), is simply not a viable option, as the distance is often too great to easily (or logically) traverse on foot or via bicycle. The robust OjO® Electric Scooter bridges the gap.  Most cities in the United States are not particularly car-friendly, so electric commuter scooters are a great option.

Keeping the Planet Healthy

Zero-emission electric scooters for adults, such as the OjO® Electric Scooter, benefits the environment. They provide green, sustainable, eco-friendly transportation, reduce our carbon footprint and enable more commuters to take advantage of public transportation. They help eliminate the urban glut of gridlocked intersections, thereby enabling the city to have less vehicles on the road as well as expand reliance on sustainable energy sources.

Even More Benefits

Having fewer cars on the roads are beneficial to all: less traffic jams, accidents and fewer crammed parking lots. Using an OjO® Electric Scooter to commute to work, school or a commuter hub can diminish the grind of a daily commute. It is well-suited for city environments, with no registration, driver’s license or insurance required. (Although, riders should check local laws and always wear a helmet.) And of course, it requires no stops at the gas station.

The Bottom Line

At OjO®, we pride ourselves in innovation, designing tomorrow’s electric transportation solutions today. For questions about any our adult rideable scooters, contact us at (805) 991-7444 or at www.ojoelectic.com.


* Riders should check local laws and should always wear a helmet while riding.


Chris Capelle is a journalist who writes on technology and consumer products. He also writes a music blog and teaches technology to seniors.


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