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How many miles does an OjO go on a single charge?

25 miles on a full charge 

What is the top speed of the OjO?

20 mph (32kph)

What is the maximum grade the Ford OjO can travel up?

18% grade 

What is the maximum grade the Classic OjO can travel up?

12-15% grade

Can it be locked easily to a bike rack?

Yes! With any common cable bike lock 

How long does the OjO take to charge?

6-8 Hours for one full charge

What is the max weight the OjO can carry?

300 lbs 

Do you need a license?

May require license, registration and insurance in some states, or be prohibited from use on public roadways in certain areas

How much does the OjO weigh?

65 lbs

Can I ride in the rain?

Yes! The OjO has all water resistant components 

What accessories are sold?

Mirrors and Phone Holder are included with the Ford OjO. For purchase, available is the basket, extra battery, battery charger, and replacement tire

Is the seat removable?

Yes, the seat is removable for a standing up only ride

What is the warranty?

2-year Manufacturer Warranty 

How many keys are included with the OjO?

2 key fobs come with the OjO as well as two keys for the battery lock

Is assembly required?

No, the OjO comes fully assembled in the box 

How many color options are in the Ford OjO line?

Race red, Lightning Blue, Ingot Silver, Black, Orange, Graphite, Seafoam Woody, Orange Woody, Vintage Surfboard Woody 

Where can I purchase the OjO?

Ojoelectric.com, Best Buy, Amazon, Newegg, and select retailers nationwide 

Does the OjO fold?

No the OjO is not foldable but it will fit in the back of a standard hatchback or SUV.

Can I charge my phone while riding?

Yes there is a USB plug available for use. Charging is easy while your phone is connected to the phone holder.

How much weight can the OjO basket hold?

Up to 70 lbs

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