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Do Electric Scooters Need A Horn?

The OjO Electric Scooter has everything you need to drive safely wherever you need to go. Our adult e-scooter is fully equipped with mirrors, a phone holder, dual Bluetooth speakers, a USB plug for your phone, a key fob with an alarm, a charging system with a retractable cord, lights, and of course, a horn. The OjO electric scooter has a horn built right into the durable and sleek design. Our OjO riders are able to alert others on the road with a simple beep of the horn. It has never been safer to travel by scooter.

Be Heard & Be Safe

The built-in horn on the OjO electric scooter makes a significant difference in terms of safety. While traveling in the bike lane or on a normal road, the OjO e-scooter can be heard by other cars, bikes, and people. We believe this is an amazing safety feature for all of our scooters. OjO owners can be heard and noticed while on the road. You can feel confident and comfortable knowing that other drivers and people will know you’re there too!

Do All Scooters Have Horns? 

Unfortunately, not all states require scooters to have horns and therefore, many do not. At OjO Electric, we think this is a safety hazard. We believe that all scooters should be fully equipped with a horn for the safety of the driver and for others on the road. The horn is an advantage for all OjO scooter drivers, it is crucial to be noticed on the road. For this reason, we believe the OjO adult electric scooter is the safest scooter model on the market. If you want to feel safe and confident while driving, go with OjO!

Consult Our Team!

With every OjO Electric purchase, you will help the environment, be more relaxed during your commute, and stay safe on the road. What are you waiting for? With a fully equipped horn and more, the OjO adult electric scooter is the perfect fit! To learn more and to buy online, check out our website! Your OjO e-scooter is ready for you!


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