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Commuting to Work with a Scooter, Why Not?

Commuting with an adult electric scooter is fun, ecologically sound and helps avoid traffic. Why not commute to work, enjoy the bike lanes and save the environment from car pollution? And…save money, too.  

Advantages of commuting with a fast electric scooter for adults

Commuting to work with an electric scooter for adults gets you through traffic jams and to an easily accessible parking space. And if you want to go to the beach on your lunch hour, you can hop on your scooter and zip off, enjoying your emission-free personal transportation. Avoid rush hour, as you enjoy your commute in a bike lane. Some states don’t require a driver’s license or insurance, but check local laws to be sure (and always wear a helmet!).


Saving money with an electric scooter bike for adults

Commuting by adult electric scooter is fun, zippy and saves on gas. Plus, you save on car payments, while saving money on car insurance payments as well. Electric scooter bikes for adults are economical, getting as much as 25 miles on a single charge. And, if you’re driving around a city to and from your workplace, you can travel along as fast as 20 miles an hour, whizzing by most traffic jams.


Use an adult electric scooter instead of a second car

An electric scooter bike for adults makes a great second car for the commuter in the family. If your other car is an SUV or family van, hopping on the scooter leaves the car free for larger groups of people to use, while you save gas money and enjoy the fresh air. If you work downtown, an electric scooter is a perfect solution for door-to-door transportation.

College commuting? Try an electric scooter

Commuting to college classes? Saving up to buy a car? An adult electric scooter, like the OjO®  all-electric Commuter Scooter®, can park outside your door and, after class, you can turn your ride into an off-road electric scooter. Grab your helmet and park in front of the pizza place, then head out of town and zip right to the door of your home without worrying about parking.  

OjO®  all-electric Commuter Scooter® for adults are a great way to have fun while commuting and feel good about your carbon footprint. Save money by not making car payments and enjoy an off-road adventure instead.





Melanie Grimes has been a writer, blogger, and real estate professional for over 20 years. She writes for various websites on real estate, travel, and health. Grimes attended Barnard College, Bastyr University, and Western Washington University with degrees in English and Communications. Her blog can be found at www.melaniegrimes.com

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